Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grazing on Route 1 ~ Maine!

Simpson's Seafood in Wiscasset, Maine

Sears Vegetable Stand in Waldoboro, Maine. Wonderful produce, dairy, preserves, organic meat and pies...and you'll probably get to meet Janet Spears too! After a busy summer season, you can then join one of Janet's worldwide tours!

The strawberries are for JCB....without the slagroom!


  1. Beautiful strawberries on blue & white! Let her have the slagroom...

  2. A lovely painting/lunch in the making. Amazing how whipped cream comes out slagroom around the world!

  3. Those peas... and those strawberries... after a month with almost no vegetables (Greenland only has limited, imported fresh produce) I'm really drooling over those!

  4. hmmm, is Sears the one with the whoopie pies JCB mentioned?

    I forgot to go to the good market in time this evening, or to Farmer's market yesterday (been painting the new store, bit preoccupied), so had to go to that store in the village (you know the one I mean), and buy the most evil looking salad ingredients, only to then read this post by better organized you. LOL, this would be why one rarely reads of food in the Dilettante.


  5. Barbara ~ I share your passion for blue & white...made for strawberries!

    home before dark ~ When I could eat slagroom, I didn't like it...and now that I love it, I find I must avoid 'slag' at all costs!

    Rachel ~ Haha...I don't think anyone goes to Greenland for the cuisine, but I know your photos are going to have the "WOW" factor!

    Dilettante ~ Down (or should I say "up") in Brunswick I am laughing at "that other store" and "evil looking salad!" In your honor I'll move on to less savory topics!

    On a more serious note, the Dilettante routinely serves up a visual feast on his blog!

  6. Maine strawberries are always best served without slagroom. xo


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