Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grab Shots ~ On the Road

Route 1, south of Belfast, Maine. I added the vignetting and called this photo "Destination Wedding!"

Bucksport, Maine

"Lobster Man" out and about in Portland, Maine!

On the road ( ok, actually in the drive-thru at Dunkin' Donuts!) in Searsport, Maine.

Brunswick, Maine

Searsport, Maine

The Crosley in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Garage mural in Orono, Maine.

The traffic is already building up on route 1 and on some of the back roads too. There's plenty to see while you travel to your destination! Maine is a state with an abundance of visual roadside entertainment....for a place where "you cahn't get theah from heah." I had a terrible time winnowing down my collection of grab shots, here are just a few.

....and yes, someone else was at the wheel! Drive safely and please watch out for our wildlife!


  1. My absolute favorite, the black fly alert!!!

  2. Actually I'm voting for the dragons, good men and other fantasy creatures. It's right up there with you "cahn't get theah from heah." My son went to school in Vermont and that one is still a ringing phrase around heah.

  3. Barbara, that cracked me up...we had to turn around so I could get the shot!

    home before dark ~ There is a grain of truth about that phrase on the Maine coast! Thanks for joining in the fun...with so many ubiquitous bumper stickers, I thought that was an original!


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