Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fog bank

All of the images were shot in the space of thirty minutes.

Tendrils of fog drifting toward the beach.

Sisters and Williams Islands can be seen beyond the dock.

Williams Island has disappeared.

One of the most beautiful sights on the Maine coast is a fog bank rolling in. Often the sun is shining brightly on land while familiar points in the bay disappear. The above photos were taken in May when few boats are in the water; later in the summer there will be all manner of crafts tied to their moorings. Cottagers instinctively keep a visual count and we know when our neighbors are out in their boats. The weather station keeps us informed of thunderstorms in the area, but a fog bank can catch you by surprise. When it happens, you lose all sense of direction and hitting underwater ledge can leave a gaping hole in the hull...or worse. So we count, watch and are always in awe of the fog with all its beauty and danger.


  1. That is the thing about Nature. Always beauty, sometimes terrifying beauty...

  2. Barbara, we have seen some amazing displays on the Maine coast!


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