Monday, March 26, 2012

A Wedding in Edinburgh ~ Clan Drums

When I turn the pages back to the years we lived overseas, friends come to mind first. Our nationalities, cultures, interests and talents are diverse and it was the place that bound us together in the beginning. Early acquaintances became friends and our relationships deepened to genuine love that has only strengthened over time. Far away from home, we shared our life stories and celebrated Holidays and shared traditions. Our children played together in walled gardens and on our weekend excursions to mountains, desert and shore. It was a time without cellphones, email or Skype and we wrote letters home and saw our families once a year. The rest of the time we relied on one another. Above all, what we had in common was an adaptability and appreciation for our host country.

We are scattered now and our children are grown, many with little ones of their own. We often go for months without communicating, but when the clan drums beat, we travel miles to be together. It only took a phone call and a few emails to gather in Scotland for a wedding and homecoming that reached far into the past in time and distance.

Fettes College 01

The wedding took place at Fettes College, a preparatory school, rich in atmosphere. I was told its remarkable architecture was the inspiration for Harry Potter's Hogwarts. Edinburgh, Scotland

Fettes College 02

Fettes College Chapel 01

The groom chats with guests moments before the ceremony

Fettes College Chapel 04

...and waits for his bride in the warm glow of the chapel at Fettes College.


Heartfelt wishes to Kristina and Yann for a lifetime of happiness.

A few details for those who love them!

Roses and Lace


Wedding Shoes


  1. Hello Carol:
    Friendships of this kind, those which remain strong no matter what the distance of separation or lapse of time, are one of Life's greatest treasures. And, how wonderful that you were able to share this happiest of occasions.

    Edinburgh is such a marvellous city for both its architecture and culture and how wonderful to have had the wedding ceremony in the chapel at Fettes College. We add our good wishes to yours for many years of happiness to the bride and groom.

    Cheeky shoes!!

    1. Hello Jane and Lance,

      Many of your posts have described similar friendships. How blessed we are!

      Edinburgh is a wonderful city. We were there briefly, many years ago and it was so nice to be back again for such a joyous occasion.

      We love the "cheeky shoes" too!

  2. You gotta' love a girl who knows her mind right down to the soles of her feet. Lovely story. Long live the clan!

    1. home before dark ~ Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and the clan. We are a noisy bunch!

      Those fabulous shoes have had so many Flickr comments...I think the bride would be very pleased!

  3. A wedding gown isn’t merely a dress that is worn by the bride.

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