Friday, March 2, 2012

Canals and Creeks

I loved the canals and creeks in Tortuguero, so full of wildlife and the diversity that makes Costa Rica unique. Our long flat boat glided through still shallow waters, sunlight filtered through the trees and reflections mirrored thick foliage on the water. Perception was altered in this strange inverted world. Hidden in the tangle of leaves, unseen eyes watched us as we drifted by.

Canals and Creeks 11

Canals and Creeks 01

Canals and Creeks 05

Canals and Creeks 07

Canals and Creeks 08

Canals and Creeks 09

Canals and Creeks 10

Canals and Creeks 12


  1. Beautiful reflections!

    I like the composition of the 1st picture. I see there's a cable up there crossing the river. Is that used to help wild animals to cross the river? We have quite a lot of those in Borneo.

    1. de engineur ~ Thank you! I think you are right about the cable. The area is part of the Tortuguero National Park.


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