Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Skateboarders and the Puppy

The Skateboarder and his Puppy

I like to take a different lens whenever I walk around our small town. I never know what I will see and I often find I have limitations with the one I've chosen...and that's half the fun and a learning experience too. On this particular day I had a wide angle when my zoom would have been more helpful.

It was a glorious warm day with daffodils appearing and the bright splash of forsythia everywhere. I noticed two skateboarders down at the town dock. They were very good and I seriously wished I'd left the wide angle at home. They didn't mind if I took pictures, in fact, they seemed to take riskier gravity defying jumps. I thought of all the kids with skateboards and how very few of them have views like the two boys I met down at the dock.

Skateboarding With a View 01

Skateboarding With a View 02

I would have moved in closer for the above shots if not for the puppy. It was a Heinz 57 variety, huge at eight weeks old. I think there is even some boxer in its lineage. One of the boys had brought it home the day before and it crept into my lap for a cuddle while they practiced.

Part ??? 02

Part ??? 01

Multiple Uses for Your Camera Bag

Sound asleep on the skateboarder's camera bag.

...and awake in an image I called Camera Bag Theft. I'm a poor puppy sitter, the photo op was just too good!

Camera Bag Theft 01

Camera Bag Theft 02

We hung out for awhile talking about the puppy, upcoming graduation, future plans and photography under a bright blue sky and a warm sun.


Life in a gentle town.

All's Well With the World


  1. Lovely in every way. That is one adorable puppy. And look at those feet!
    Some serious bigness is on the way. So the Coopster is into stealing Scotch and The Puppy is a bag thief. Such delicious mayhem. The Puppy has Disneydog written all over that face!

    1. home before dark ~ Thank you! I thought a little lighthearted post might be good for the soul. I treasure those small moments.

      You and my pun stealing brother have been on my mind. I've been obsessively watching the weather. Please stay safe!

  2. Someday they will look back and appreciate this beautiful we do who have lived long enough and traveled enough to know just how precious this quiet little village in our corner of the world is........
    Rain :)

    1. Rain ~ I agree! The lovely thing about my encounter with the boys and the puppy is that I'm pretty sure they know it already. Blessings.


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