Saturday, April 28, 2012


Dogwood 02

Dogwood blossoms, Dog Tree or Hound Tree as some called it in the 17th century, are my favorite. The graceful boughs of floating white or pink can be found all the way from northern Florida to southern Maine. How I miss them...because by the time you have made your way up the coast to my small village, they are nowhere to be found. The densely packed flowers are surrounded by petal-like bracts and in time, the flowers will produce berries. According to legend, Jesus Christ was crucified on the exceptionally hard wood of the Dogwood and God cursed the tree causing it to be stunted and twisted. The bracts are said to form the shape of the cross and the crimson tips represent the nails. However you view Dogwood, they are beautiful. The translucent petal shapes are luminous in light in a distinct way from other flowering trees.

The Dogwood at Ash Lawn-Highland

The flowers are nestled in the four bracts. Photo taken 12 April, 2009 at Ash Lawn-Highland, James Monroe's garden in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Rosewell 13

Floating Dogwood frames the stately ruins of Rosewell in Gloucster County, Virginia. Photo taken 5 April, 2010.

Beyond...the graves of my great great grandparents

Many months of my husband's genealogy research lead us to White Clay Creek Church in Newark, Delaware. A delicate branch of Dogwood arches over the graves of my great great grandparents. Photo taken 6 April, 2010.

Dogwood 01

Back lighted Dogwood petals taken on our recent trip to Connecticut.

Red, White & Blue

Dogwood combines with a Japanese Maple tree with the effect of fireworks against a vivid blue sky. Also taken on our recent trip to Connecticut.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Remnants of an Old Farm

Remains of an Old Farm 01

The old fields are outlined by stone walls all along the paths. The land is now enjoyed by hikers, dog walkers and children in what has become a vast park in southern Connecticut. In the beginning, it must have been backbreaking work to clear the land of wood and rock, to plant and harvest...and build the walls. The farmers had an eye for shape, they knew how to fit the rock together so the walls would last.


Remains of an Old Farm 02

The old fields are gone, covered with new growth wood. The trees are still small enough to allow dappled sunlight to filter through spring's pale green haze.. In the afternoon long shadows stretch across the leaves that crunch beneath our feet.

Remains of an Old Farm 03


It is unseasonably warm the day we visit. This sensible dog takes a quick dip in an ice cold creek and vigorously shakes himself off.

Crossing the Creek

I watched the young boys do what they have always done, running through the woods, occasionally stopping to ponder a small discovery. Eventually they egged one another on over the slippery stones in the creek.

A Boy and a Creek 02

This child has utterly captured my heart...just as his father did not so many years ago. It is my son's birthday today. Father and son look almost identical at the same age.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Connecticut Spring

The ground, which was tinder dry, has finally received a good soaking. The trees instantly responded with a gossamer film of green. It lifts the spirit to see this rebirth after a long Maine winter, I think it won't be long before I see the first blossoms on our pear and apple trees. In the meantime...I will offer a few more images from Connecticut. And lilacs...always my favorite!

Connecticut Spring 11

Connecticut Spring 07

Connecticut Spring 10

Dogwood and Blue Sky

Lilacs 02

Lilacs 04

Lilacs 05

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fast Forward Spring

Connecticut Spring 04

Spring is elusive in Maine. Some people say we have two seasons...winter and 4th of July. Sometimes that seems true! This year, spring has been like sliding doors beginning with the softening colors of Scotland, a burst of colorful blossoms on last week's trip to Connecticut and finally, our homecoming in Maine yesterday. How strange it is to watch unfurled leaves slowly close into tight buds with every mile on the long drive home.

The following photos are from Connecticut which is a month ahead of us. The most wonderful thing is knowing we can enjoy it all again!

Connecticut Spring 03

Connecticut Spring 06

Connecticut Spring 05

Connecticut Spring 02

More of Connecticut's glorious spring display soon!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Happy Easter

I've always avoided flash photography for the harshness that eliminates so much of the subtle color and shadow that I find intriguing, but lately I've been experimenting. There are possibilities and effects that can only be achieved with more light when a tripod is not an option. We have an abundance of gray days in Maine and the rain forest in Costa Rica often felt like twilight requiring the use of my pop-up flash. I was never happy with the result. A new Speedlite and filter have produced some interesting macro images...although, far from satisfied, I deleted them all. I'm still waiting for our spring flowers to bloom and I would even welcome a few bugs for inspiration! The lily was an impulse shot on my Android phone, flash on with minimal editing from PicSay. I think the cameraphone has a distinct feeling all its own.

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bride with Pearls and a Fuchsia Bouquet


The directions were a bit vague so we arrived early with our friends to City Chambers in Parliament Square. This is where we expected to greet Yann and Kristina for the civil ceremony that preceded the wedding at Fettes College the next day. St. Giles is opposite the chambers so everyone decided to pop in for a look. I was about to follow when I saw the couple.


The color of the claret jacket and the bride's bouquet caught my eye as the young people joyously exited the chambers with two or three friends. All newlyweds look happy, but this small party was triumphant, whooping and pirouetting across the old stones in the square. They seemed a fragment of a vision from a long time ago...he in velvet and his bride's pearl encrusted collar and pins in her russet hair. I asked if I might photograph the couple and they enthusiastically posed, delighted to have the moment captured on camera. I never got their names because at that moment our friends emerged from St. Giles, momentarily distracting me from the young man and woman. When I turned to look back, there was no sign of them anywhere.





I hope this sole record will find them, the bride and groom married just a little past noon at City Chambers, 9 March, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland. Perhaps it will...with helpful tweets across the super highway of the internet. Maybe I was meant to be there, just then, with my camera.


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