Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Connecticut Spring

The ground, which was tinder dry, has finally received a good soaking. The trees instantly responded with a gossamer film of green. It lifts the spirit to see this rebirth after a long Maine winter, I think it won't be long before I see the first blossoms on our pear and apple trees. In the meantime...I will offer a few more images from Connecticut. And lilacs...always my favorite!

Connecticut Spring 11

Connecticut Spring 07

Connecticut Spring 10

Dogwood and Blue Sky

Lilacs 02

Lilacs 04

Lilacs 05


  1. Hello Carol:
    How wonderful to see everything springing into life after such a prolonged dry spell. Lilac is a particular favourite of ours too and, at the moment, great bunches are on offer for sale in our local market. The scent is heavenly.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance ~ Strolling through an outdoor market with the scent of lilacs in the air must surely be heaven on earth!

  3. Hi Carol-missed your posts-I've really missed so many bloggers! Cant stay away this long again! Lilacs soon here in middle Maine!! Happy Spring!! Beautiful flower pics-so very ready for flowers!!
    Fondly, Rain

  4. Hi Rain! Thank you! You have been away for a long time and I have missed all the activities on the farm. Spring is on its way and there are big fat buds on our apple and pear trees...the lilacs have a way to go. I hate to hurry this time since we have waited so long.


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