Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goat's Beard and Day Lilies Light Up the Woods and Shore

In June and July two humble flowers light up meadows, lawns, woods and shore. Goat's beard, which looks like a long stemmed dandelion, is one of my favorites. I especially love them when they grow by the sea and I love the way the setting sun makes the petals glow. The blossoms seem to float, weightless on a summer's breeze. Then, just when the flowers go to seed, Maine gardens burst into flame with day lilies everywhere. They are a sign of summer's mid point...welcome and beloved, but they arrive with a pang.

Goat's Beard by a Tree Stump

Goat's Beard by a Country Lane

Goat's Beard by Mary's Cottage

Goat's beard growing on the bank by Mary's cottage...it's as if she is still here with each fluttering petal.

Goat's Beard by the Water

...and the view beyond that she loved.

Day Lilies by the Shore

Day lilies cascade down the bank to the bay on our own bit of shore. Every year the wind and tide shift them a little, but they tenaciously cling to the steep clay and ledge with almost impossible growing conditions.

Day Lilies and Driftwood

Day lilies and driftwood on our beach.

Day Lily Glow 01

Day Lily Glow 02

Day lilies in our garden caught in afternoon light. Summer half gone...waiting for summer...

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Colors of Spring and Early Summer

Spring arrives with soft blues, pinks and lilacs. The whole summer lies ahead with the promise of sunny days and warm weather. The evenings are scented with wood smoke from a cheerfully glowing fireplace...warmth to ward off the chill in the cottage. The calendar fills with arrivals and departures, but more on that later!

For me the passage of time is marked by the waves of color in the garden.

Brave Little Bluets

Just Resting

Peter carefully mows around brave tiny bluets that are sprinkled across the cottage lawn in May. The bluets are quickly followed by violets, lily of the valley and ajuga. The small flowers seem to hug the newly warmed earth.

Early Spring ~ Violets and Lily of the Valley

Ajuga by the Sea

Crabapple, lilacs and lupine quickly follow as May melts into June.

White Petals

I always think of JCB and her gentleman when I see crabapple blossoms...and a very romantic proposal amidst fluttering pink petals.

Lilacs After it Rained

Chinese Brushes and a Vase of Lilacs

Soon the cottage is filled with the scent of lilacs.

Lupine on Blue Hill Mountain

Peppery lupine perfumes the air on Blue Hill Mountain in June.

And finally peonies burst into bloom, my favorite...the last of them faded a week ago.

Peonies From the Garden 03

We are also changing with the garden colors. A September move is in the works...still in Maine, but closer to the cottage. Initial chaos, followed by a little simplicity! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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