Sunday, August 29, 2010


Birthday by the sea, Mere Point, Maine.

The kiss in the sky. Spruce Head, Maine.

Summer: fast forward...August, the busiest time of year in Maine. The last opportunity for small businesses to succeed. Make or break August. It is, typically, the best weather all year. Friends and family arrive in earnest to savor, once again, the rocky coast, the islands, the scent of pine and the music of boats on their moorings. August; with its weddings and birthdays and arrivals and departures. Will there be fog to delay a flight? Was the traffic backed up in New Jersey or Connecticut? Eyes on the clock, August ticking away until a car door slamming shut signals a safe homecoming. That sound of car tires on a dirt road, one visit after another, is one of relief and joy. It is a celebration every time.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Impressions from a Seaside Wedding

Wheeler's Bay, Spruce Head, Maine

Planning any outdoor event in Maine carries an element of risk; our weather is capricious and can change in a blink. This day, however, was perfect from start to finish. Classic Maine...Maine at her most memorable.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pig and Sow Islands

This is one of my favorite destinations by boat. The narrow inlet between Pig and Sow islands is only accessible when the tide is at its highest point and even then, we watch carefully for underwater ledge. At low tide, one could easily wade from one island to the other. The atmosphere here is magical. Light shimmers and the island reflections on water are vivid and very beautiful. On one occasion dozens of blue heron soared from the treetops in protest at our passing, sun filtering through their outstretched wings. We were surrounded by monarch butterflies beginning their improbable journey south on another visit. Goldenrod was in bloom, hardy roots clinging to the rocks, on the day these photos were taken.

Six weeks til frost.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bounty ~ Random Memory #19 ~ Iran

Beth's Vegetable Stand, Warren, Maine.

One of the great pleasures of summer is the bounty found in the many roadside vegetable stands in Maine. It's true, there is an abundance of year round produce in the grocery stores, but February offerings can not touch the intense taste we enjoy from our local farmers.

Random Memory #19 ~ Iran

The seasons and artificially created shortages dictated our menu in Tehran, although bread (nan) and rice were always available. I loved the markets with vegetables on display in high precarious towers and the profusion of colorful beans and dried herbs. I didn't have the slightest idea what to do with most of them, but gradually many crept into our diet with delicious results. I miss the nan and the harbouzay melons the most. There is nothing like harbouzay in this country...that solid yellow melon with its crackling crisp texture and a flavor that bursts in your mouth like a spoonful of honey. Eggs were often scarce and we could go for weeks without them. They were invariably sold from small carts on the street; crates of them swaying dangerously surrounded by veiled women pushing, shoving and reaching for their fragile prize. When we found a vendor, we always bought multiple boxes and distributed our find to friends. Who knew when we would see them again! The eggs were caked with bits of straw, mud and chicken excrement. I still remember washing those eggs and then filling the sink with water and disinfectant, throwing away the bad ones that floated to the top. And the caviar! We consumed countless tins of it, carelessly ladling mounds of the precious fish eggs on small blinis sprinkled with onion and chopped egg. I take it all back, that is what I miss the most, those gorgeous pearly globes from the Caspian Sea.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blast Off!

All week long the little house on Mere Point has been bustling with family activity. JCB introduced the gentleman to Maine, cottage life and her niece and nephew. Together, we swam, 'messed about with boats', went on excursions to islands and celebrated a seventh (!) birthday. It was the gentleman (often in danger of being loved a little too much!) who came up with the perfect present and the children's first chemistry lesson. The experiment was entrancing! Assembled; one plastic rocket ship, four small spoonfuls of baking soda in the base and a jigger of white vinegar in the nose cone...some judicious timing and a gentle shake and blast off! The sturdy little craft soared into the air. Pure magic!

Forgotten; the television, the computer games, the cell phone, i-pads and pods and even the well stocked freezer full of fruit pops. Oh yes, "he is a genius!"

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