Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blast Off!

All week long the little house on Mere Point has been bustling with family activity. JCB introduced the gentleman to Maine, cottage life and her niece and nephew. Together, we swam, 'messed about with boats', went on excursions to islands and celebrated a seventh (!) birthday. It was the gentleman (often in danger of being loved a little too much!) who came up with the perfect present and the children's first chemistry lesson. The experiment was entrancing! Assembled; one plastic rocket ship, four small spoonfuls of baking soda in the base and a jigger of white vinegar in the nose cone...some judicious timing and a gentle shake and blast off! The sturdy little craft soared into the air. Pure magic!

Forgotten; the television, the computer games, the cell phone, i-pads and pods and even the well stocked freezer full of fruit pops. Oh yes, "he is a genius!"

Today's link from "You Must Remember This!"


  1. Aw, thank you, Barbara! The gentleman really is a lovely person!

    I'm slowly getting back to my old routine, the little house now very very quiet....

  2. I think the gentleman is currently in baking soda de-tox.

  3. Baking soda de-tox and JCB withdrawal! We miss you both!

  4. A little baking soda de-tox, but mostly missing my new family . . .

  5. We miss you too!!! Thank heavens for the St. Sebastian photo :-) !!!!!


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