Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Impressions from a Seaside Wedding

Wheeler's Bay, Spruce Head, Maine

Planning any outdoor event in Maine carries an element of risk; our weather is capricious and can change in a blink. This day, however, was perfect from start to finish. Classic Maine...Maine at her most memorable.

You can see more pictures on my Flickr stream here. Just click on the images to view larger.

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  1. Love the cosmos overlooking the bay.

  2. Magical...down to the dogs all dressed up but still being dogs.

  3. Barbara ~ I love cosmos! I wish it was a perennial, that's about all we have time to do in a busy Maine summer.

    Janet ~ It was all heart...something you know a lot about.

    home before dark ~ Thank you! More dogs to come...on my Flickr stream.

  4. loving all the images... have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Fabulous flowers - I bet it was a beautiful and memorable day :)

  6. great picture's, great work. especially the moment with the child and the sculpture of dog. it reminds me like friendshpip.

    ...also, thanks for your comments ;-)


  7. Punctuation Mark ~ Crazy August! It has taken me way too long to say "thank you!"

    Rachel ~ Thank you! The day was incredibly lovely!

    pocttopus ~ Thanks! I was really thrilled with that chance capture. Looking forward to more of your blog posts!


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