Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stonington in Black and White

Stonington's Working Waterfront 01

Maine's traditional seaside towns have changed with rising prices for waterfront properties. Stonington, on Deer Isle, is one of the few towns left where one can see the fishing industry and old way of life. I have photographed Stonington many times; I chose monochrome for this visit to enhance the feeling of old Maine.


Stonington's Working Waterfront 02

View of Stonington, Maine

Granite Retaining Wall

On the Water

Mail Run 01

It looked like this fellow arrived by boat to pick up his mail. If you look closely in the next photo, you can see the packet under his arm as he leaves. You can click on the images to view them larger with more detail.

Mail Run 02

Artists and photographers have always tried to capture Maine's beautiful light on the old houses. My attempts can be seen in the series below.


Spring Cottage Opening 02

I loved the strong shadow on the huge outcrop of rock next to this lovely old cottage

House of Seven Dormers

This house is partially hidden by rock!

Widow's Walk 02

Stonington Home 01

Spring Cottage Opening 01


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Stefan! I was happy to hear you and JCB will have a chance to get together soon! Hope you have plans to visit Maine this summer!

  2. Love the black and white photos!! Have a great holiday weekend my friend :)

    1. Optimistic Existentialist ~ Thank you very much! Hope you have a great weekend too...and a little sun and warmth. Maine is cold right now!

  3. Cold.... I guess it's cold!!?!! Getting out my long johns again!!! Love these B and W's. must get down to deer Isle again this summer -haven't been in years!
    Rain :)

    1. Rain ~ So sorry! I missed your comment, but had to laugh as we have been freezing at the camp...I feel like a pioneer :-( !!!

      I really love Stonington in the snow, but we just didn't get down there this winter, but the day these shots were taken couldn't have been lovelier!


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