Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Loss and Small Gifts

Twilight 01

Our dearest Eric left us in April, beloved husband to Mary, beloved friend of ours. He left this world with his children's arms around him, wrapped in love in the peace of the early morning hours. It was the kind of passing all should celebrate and welcome with gratitude. Yet, I will miss Eric with all my heart and I will, for the rest of my life, yearn for one more afternoon in his company, one more smile and the laughter that filled thirty years of Mere Point summers.

Eric was a handsome man, courtly, a New Englander to his core and deeply spiritual. He was a 'giver' who gave to his country, family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, always helping and mentoring others all his life. He made everyone in his orbit feel special, valued, prettier, smarter and capable of great acts and ideas.

Eric spoiled a long line of German Shorthair in particular and it seems like yesterday when we heard him call,

Zeus come!

Zeus never would, finally turning up, in his own 'Zeus time'. Every other dog, ours included, simply wanted to be near him.

Eric was a beautiful sailor and a tolerant and gracious captain which was a novelty in my experience! Over the years he taught Peter the tides, the channels, ledges and winds of the bay we call home. He was a sailor who read the sky and water, grateful for the sun on his face and a good tack. That was Eric. He was grateful for all life's blessings and he knew the value of each and every one. Whenever I saw him, he always said,

every day is a gift.

He left us in early spring as the earth was warming and new life was just beginning to stir. I offer the following gifts in his memory.

Meanwhile in Maine.... 01

Peter hikes up Blue Hill Mountain with new green grass at his feet, trailing dogs...he will miss Eric in ways I can not fathom.

Meanwhile in Maine.... 02

Tiny lupines have appeared in the meadow with the promise of tall peppery indigo blossoms...yes, indigo...the name of Eric's Tartan 34.

Meanwhile in Maine.... 03

Pussywillow matures into soft green in mountain sunlight.

Meanwhile in Maine.... 04

Forsythia sways in a soft sea breeze.

Meanwhile in Maine.... 05

Daffodils loudly proclaiming spring is here!

Gifts! Thank you Eric xo.


  1. Eric sounds like the part of Americans we love the best. Sorry for your loss. I think we are both old enough to know loss does not get less in time. Strangely, I think it becomes a friend. Something bittersweet, yes, but comforting. It allows us to remember great gobs of goodness, admit that part is gone, but treasure the sheer luck and grace we had it once.

    Eric and Mary must have been really, really something! Big hugs your way from Kansas.

    1. home before dark ~ Thank you for your comment. Yes! Mary and Eric really were something and I hope I can pass on a little of what they have given to me. As you said so well, that's the grace and comfort of growing older and the passage of time.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Eric. So touching.

    1. Optimistic Existentialist ~ Thank you so much for stopping by to read this post. Very much appreciated!

  3. I look forward to your next post as always and I just wanted to say I hope you have a happy weekend :)

    1. optimistic Existentialist ~ Thank you for bearing with me...and checking in. I hope you had a happy weekend too!

  4. Beautiful tribute Carol, and photos.

    1. Thank you, dear Rain. I really appreciate your comment.


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