Saturday, March 31, 2012

Return to Scotland ~ Random Memory #28 ~ Edinburgh

It had been a long time since our last trip to Edinburgh, when we first walked the Royal Mile, saw the wonders of the National Gallery and visited the Palace of Holyroodhouse. The window and garden view from Mary Queen of Scots' chambers still sends shivers down my spine. It was in that place, David Rizzio, private secretary to the queen, succumbed to fifty stab wounds while the pregnant queen watched in horror. The atmosphere is dark and heavy and I would have loved to be alone in those haunted halls with my camera, but photography is not allowed.

The Palace of Holyroodhouse 03

The Palace of Holyroodhouse 04

Random Memory #28 ~ Edinburgh

In 1984 we arrived with two young children on the overnight train from London and by the time we arrived the first red spot appeared, a harbinger for violent cases of chickenpox...although it wasn't clear that's what it was and the children felt well enough. I remember the train was a great adventure and their wide eyes as I tucked them into berths, cozy and snug, with the sway and rumble of the car and black night beyond the window. I shared their excitement and I don't think any of us slept.

JCB and her brother were seasoned travelers by then and they followed us through museums and up and down the Royal Mile...JCB considerably more enthusiastic while John trudged along, usually hungry, or thirsty. We stopped for copious amounts of tea, biscuits and thick slabs of buttered brown bread between visits to the Greyfriars Bobby Memorial and other sites.

More spots erupted causing some consternation from fellow travelers on the trip home to London...followed by two miserable weeks for my young ones.

Holyrood Abbey 06

Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Looking Up 02

Along the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Greyfriars Bobby

Scenes from Edinburgh 03

A Little Sun

I relived that earlier trip with every step along the Royal Mile, this time with our lovely grown up daughter and her gentleman. She is exactly the age I was then. Past and present rolled in and out just as the clouds and mist do in Scotland. How wonderful it was to be back in this beautiful old city and to savor this time with JCB and Joel, our old friends and the haunting music of bagpipes at the wedding that called us to Edinburgh.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Shave and a Haircut

Fwd: Sketchbook

Meanwhile, back at Creature Camp our scrappy mini dachshund was having a scuffle with a newly neutered fellow camper. I don't know how the terrier fared, but Cooper went to the vet for a shave, wound cleansing and ten day antibiotic prescription. I had the feeling he thought it was totally worth it!


All better, happy to be home enjoying his sunbeam!

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Wedding in Edinburgh ~ Clan Drums

When I turn the pages back to the years we lived overseas, friends come to mind first. Our nationalities, cultures, interests and talents are diverse and it was the place that bound us together in the beginning. Early acquaintances became friends and our relationships deepened to genuine love that has only strengthened over time. Far away from home, we shared our life stories and celebrated Holidays and shared traditions. Our children played together in walled gardens and on our weekend excursions to mountains, desert and shore. It was a time without cellphones, email or Skype and we wrote letters home and saw our families once a year. The rest of the time we relied on one another. Above all, what we had in common was an adaptability and appreciation for our host country.

We are scattered now and our children are grown, many with little ones of their own. We often go for months without communicating, but when the clan drums beat, we travel miles to be together. It only took a phone call and a few emails to gather in Scotland for a wedding and homecoming that reached far into the past in time and distance.

Fettes College 01

The wedding took place at Fettes College, a preparatory school, rich in atmosphere. I was told its remarkable architecture was the inspiration for Harry Potter's Hogwarts. Edinburgh, Scotland

Fettes College 02

Fettes College Chapel 01

The groom chats with guests moments before the ceremony

Fettes College Chapel 04

...and waits for his bride in the warm glow of the chapel at Fettes College.


Heartfelt wishes to Kristina and Yann for a lifetime of happiness.

A few details for those who love them!

Roses and Lace


Wedding Shoes

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Rock of Cashel 01

What could be more Irish than the Rock of Cashel? Photo taken in September of 2009.

We are flying home from Scotland today and I am looking forward to posting new photos and catching up on your blogs! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hidden Eyes

A few photos of some of those hidden eyes along the bewitching canals and creeks in Tortuguero, Costa Rica!

Can You See Me? 007

We found this Boa Constrictor curled in a nest of leaves at the water's edge. It was difficult to get a clear shot, but we could see a large bulge in his side. Our guide thought it had recently eaten a large iguana.

Reptile Smile

On second thought, perhaps I shouldn't have leaned so far out of the boat to get a shot of this sizable Caiman!

Spider Monkey 04

The trees were full of Spider Monkeys. I caught this one mid swing...a lucky shot as the monkeys move so fast.

Green Basilisk

A Green Basilisk blends into the surroundings.

Turtles 01

Two turtles on a log in deep shadow along one of the smaller creeks.

Full Battle Mode

We saw this large iguana in full battle mode, apparently threatened by another iguana in a nearby tree.

The following two shots are of the Howler Monkeys that were all around Pachira lodge where we stayed. They have a ferocious roar which is a very effective alarm at 5:00 a.m. each morning! I loved the sound! Later, the monkeys used the roof above our room as a highway. They moved quickly and it wasn't until I was home and could see the images on my computer that I realized I actually captured a good profile of one of them!

The Leap!

Howler Monkey 02

Do click on the images because they really are better viewed on Flickr!

Tomorrow we are off to Scotland where JCB and her gentleman will join us. Hope to have some new and very different photos when I return!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Canals and Creeks

I loved the canals and creeks in Tortuguero, so full of wildlife and the diversity that makes Costa Rica unique. Our long flat boat glided through still shallow waters, sunlight filtered through the trees and reflections mirrored thick foliage on the water. Perception was altered in this strange inverted world. Hidden in the tangle of leaves, unseen eyes watched us as we drifted by.

Canals and Creeks 11

Canals and Creeks 01

Canals and Creeks 05

Canals and Creeks 07

Canals and Creeks 08

Canals and Creeks 09

Canals and Creeks 10

Canals and Creeks 12

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