Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hidden Eyes

A few photos of some of those hidden eyes along the bewitching canals and creeks in Tortuguero, Costa Rica!

Can You See Me? 007

We found this Boa Constrictor curled in a nest of leaves at the water's edge. It was difficult to get a clear shot, but we could see a large bulge in his side. Our guide thought it had recently eaten a large iguana.

Reptile Smile

On second thought, perhaps I shouldn't have leaned so far out of the boat to get a shot of this sizable Caiman!

Spider Monkey 04

The trees were full of Spider Monkeys. I caught this one mid swing...a lucky shot as the monkeys move so fast.

Green Basilisk

A Green Basilisk blends into the surroundings.

Turtles 01

Two turtles on a log in deep shadow along one of the smaller creeks.

Full Battle Mode

We saw this large iguana in full battle mode, apparently threatened by another iguana in a nearby tree.

The following two shots are of the Howler Monkeys that were all around Pachira lodge where we stayed. They have a ferocious roar which is a very effective alarm at 5:00 a.m. each morning! I loved the sound! Later, the monkeys used the roof above our room as a highway. They moved quickly and it wasn't until I was home and could see the images on my computer that I realized I actually captured a good profile of one of them!

The Leap!

Howler Monkey 02

Do click on the images because they really are better viewed on Flickr!

Tomorrow we are off to Scotland where JCB and her gentleman will join us. Hope to have some new and very different photos when I return!


  1. that is definitely going to be a change of scenery! haha!

    1. Punctuation Mark ~ It will be chillier too...but we've had a couple of weeks home in Maine to acclimate!

  2. Hello Carol:
    What amazing images you captured here. They all look rather too close for comfort to us, but we have so enjoyed looking at your photographs.

    Scotland, we imagine, will look rather different.!!

    1. Hello Jane and Lance ~ So glad you enjoyed some of the wildlife from Costa Rica! I've barely scratched the surface posting photos from that trip...and now we are home from Scotland. You are right, they have an entirely different atmosphere!

  3. Great shots-am not too crazy about some of the critters though!-especially being in the wild!! Have a wonderful time in Scotland Carol!! You probably won't see any monkeys-but the sheep should more then make up for it! I've always wanted to go to Ireland/Scotland! Have fun-be safe!!

    1. Hello Rain! We are finally home in Maine's early spring! Scotland was lovely and I hope to get photos organized soon...sheep and all!

  4. Enjoy your trip! The pictures of that snake REALLY creep me out - a testimony to their life-like-ness!

    1. Hi Stefan! Confess I have a phobia about snakes...you can't imagine what it took to get that shot!!!


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