Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mere Point Sunset ~ Series of 5

I think this series illustrates the watercolor wash feeling I love in photography. Here, I have tried to blur the lines and create paintings with a shallow depth and silhouetting.

Mere Point Sunset #1 Series of 5

Mere Point Sunset #2 Series of 5

Mere Point Sunset #3 Series of 5

Mere Point Sunset #4 Series of 5

Mere Point Sunset #5 Series of 5

This was one of our last glorious sunsets and I doubt we will see another before we finish packing and leave for the winter. A heavy wet weather system has firmly asserted itself over our bay. The view beyond is gray fog through rain spattered windows.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


The angle of the sun is lower now. Light pours inside illuminating the interior of the cottage in a way that always brings an ache to my heart. The old walls, beams and mullioned windows are never so beautiful as they are at this time of the year. I've been experimenting with a variety of camera settings in an effort to capture the atmosphere. Please click on the images to view in a larger size.

Hydrangea in an Old Crock 03

Hydrangea in an Old Crock 01

August Light in an Old Maine Cottage

Old Maine Cottage

The Sun Sets in Maine

These days feel like stolen time, nearly everyone has left and soon, we too, will retreat to thicker walls.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Monarch Migration

Monarch Migration 04

As summer ends we keep a careful vigil for the Monarch butterflies. Somehow their arrival signifies health and balance in our cove. The migration begins with the sight of a fluttering scrap of orange, often seen in contrast with a brilliant blue sky. if we are lucky, the butterflies will fill the air, alighting on flowers in our garden and on wildflowers everywhere. These shots were taken a few weeks ago of Monarchs attracted to wild mint growing at the end of our road. I noticed several of the brave little creatures are already showing the wear and tear of the long journey south.

Monarch Migration 03

Monarch Migration 02

Monarch Migration 01

We took the boats out of the water several days ago, but before we did, we made one last visit to our favorite small island. There, in that beautiful solitude, I found the distinctive Orange Monarch butterflies you see below.

Monarch Migration 06

Monarch Migration 05

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


In the beginning of August feathery glints of bright yellow appear along roadside and shoreline. Soon after, the touches of color swell to undulating waves of golden plumage. The wind shifts, bringing crisp Canadian air that sweeps away summer's pollution from south and west. With this change, the goldenrod is in constant motion, swaying in a gentle dance by the water.

Goldenrod 03

Goldenrod 02

Goldenrod 01

Goldenrod in bloom heralds the end of our all too short summer. The conventional wisdom is its appearance means six weeks til frost. Today the air is fresh and clear, the sun warm on my back, although we have been warned the temperature will dip precipitously tonight. Tomorrow we may have frost...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Dogs are Milling

The Long and the Short of It

Neighbors and their German Dogs


Beckwith Patrols the Dock

The photos above were taken in August, but they could have been from any year, or any Maine summer's day in our little colony. One of the great pleasures of the this place is that the dogs can run free; the way they used to do in our childhood memories. Cottage doors open first thing in the morning and out they go! It is not unusual to have an old friend, grinning, tail wagging, waiting patiently on the front walk for a favorite playmate to appear. Incredibly they all get along and can determine property boundaries better than any surveyor.

Shortly after opening our cottages, too many years ago, my dear friend and neighbor, Mary, breathed in spring scented salt air. Felt the unaccustomed warmth of sun on her face and in a moment of pure happiness, said

I love it when the dogs are milling.

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