Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont" finally bubbled up to the top of our NetFlix list and landed in our mailbox. Joan Plowright plays her character with exquisite nuance in a gentle story about an unlikely friendship that bridges generational gaps. Her character reminded me of Mary whose hands I photographed June 20, 2009. Mary, born and raised in Topsham, Maine, who knows every rock, inlet and cove of Maquoit Bay, the names of every wildflower on Mere Point....and Mary, who describes it all in language that is both eloquent and precise. These are hands that have grasped the oars of countless boats, raised a family, painted landscapes, planted gardens and hands that she extended to me in friendship a long time ago. Mary....beloved.


  1. I love your writing and tribute to a precious unique person. The image of her hands is eloquent.

  2. Lovely picture, and lovely description of your friend.

  3. My grandmother's hands looked like that and mine are beginning to. How expressive hands can be even in repose. Lovely photo and a loving tribute.

  4. Love and grace. A glorious, beautiful tribute for a life well lived. Perhaps a series of hands on the earth?

  5. Stephanie ~ Thank you, what a lovely comment. It was not easy to string together a series of words to describe Mary, especially since she chooses her own words with such care.

    FancyHorse ~ I appreciate your comment so much!

    Blue ~ Thank you! It is gratifying, beyond measure, to think an image can trigger a memory, inform, or simply give pleasure to the viewer.

    home before dark ~ Thank you for stopping by with your comment and suggestion. I love the idea of doing a series on would be a wonderful challenge!


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