Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Indulgence ~ Random Memory #2 ~ Texas

A sample of what's on offer at the Maine Grind in Ellsworth, Maine. Random Memory #2 ~ Texas

I am barefoot playing in an empty lot with my friends when I step on a shard of glass. Blood spreads over the sparse scrubby grass and I crawl home on hands and knees. I hear the drone of the vacuum cleaner as I pound on the door for what seems like hours and, eventually, my parents investigate. My father wraps my foot in an old green terry cloth towel which instantly turns crimson and we set off in search of a doctor's office that might still be open on a Saturday afternoon. The doctor says I am lucky, a fraction of an inch deeper would have severed the tendon.

Two weeks later my third grade class is performing in a pageant dedicated to nutrition. My mother has dressed me in a tutu from one of my ballet recitals (yes, Down East Dilettante, we have this in common!) All the vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, dairy products and grains are lined up on the stage. I do not represent anything from a healthy food group. I am a cream puff on crutches.


  1. So, shall we do a joint recital at the Town Hall for charity?

  2. People could pay us for the privilege of not attending!


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