Friday, January 8, 2010


The Big Chicken Barn  is a familiar landmark on Rt. 15 just south of Ellsworth, Maine. The creaky old structure is filled to the brim with antiques (I'm using the word loosely), collectibles, books and magazines. It's an endlessly entertaining destination and no matter what time of the year you decide to go, you will probably not leave empty handed.  Catching the last of the month long December sales has become an annual mother/daughter pilgrimage so off we went on December 27 th in the middle of a deluge. It was the kind of downpour that reminded me of the wall of rain that used to slam into the windows of our flat in Hong Kong! The beautiful snow from our day at Horsepower Farm quickly turned to gray mush, but we hardly you can see, there are treasures inside!
I photograph windows while JCB searches for books. The little winter vignettes viewed from the  rustic interior have captured my attention!
One of the things I love best about browsing through the second floor is the selection of old and out of print books. It's always a reliable source and it is here that I have found Kate Atkinson's early books Human Croquet and Emotionally Weird and, best of all, Nicholas Monsarrat's Kappillan of Malta which I have bought for anyone who needs a shot of hope and faith and a really good story.

When we finally leave, our allergies are on full throttle from all the dust and generations of cat hair. The rain is coming down even harder (if possible!) and the back of the car is full!


  1. This is my kind of place !! Quirky. old. full of interesting vintage stuff especially BOOKS .Thanks for allowing me to visit with you and your daughter. Your photos are priceless and really share the mood & atmosphere with your viewers.
    Since I am lucky enough to also live in northern New England, I am adding The Big Chicken Barn to my list of must-do road trips with Rowland...(OK, maybe when it thaws out a little around here...)
    Really appreciate your blog and the places you take us here in Maine.

  2. Stephanie, Your insights are always wonderfully intuitive and I appreciate your comment so much! A sense of place is exactly what I wish to convey...sometimes people have such odd ideas about Maine...

    Give a shout when you and Rowland come up!!!

  3. Great shots of a very special place

  4. There are always treasures to be found!


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