Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Do you want fries with that?"

Sue Grafton's fiesty detective, Kinsey Milhone, "swoons over QPs with cheese"....not the healthiest  fare, but while we're at the Golden Arches, is there anything more delectable than fries right out of the hot oil and sprinkled liberally with salt? Sadly, they are a distant memory for me, but our Maine seagulls love them! I took these photos while parked at MacDonalds in Ellsworth, Maine where my attention soon turned to texture and reflections.

...and one from MacDonalds in Belfast, Maine. Can too many fries cause a lift-off malfunction?


  1. Oh, those fries....they should be a distant memory for me, too, but alas, I lack your discipline....I'm afraid I identify all too well with those gulls

  2. Who the hell is so careless with their fries?


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