Friday, January 22, 2010

Store Bought Tomatoes in Summer and Winter Windows ~ A splash of color in compositions of red and yellow.

This is a root vegetable time of year in Maine and anything more exotic than a potato is probably racking up frequent flier miles to get here. Even in Spring, when more southern states are enjoying those first ripe berries with cream, our ground is frozen and covered with snow. Alas, it's still January and our coldest month is looming while I dream of fiddleheads nestled by ice cold woodland streams.


  1. They are beautiful. Such a beautiful image. Hope they tase like they look like. :)

  2. Cupcakes and Strawberries ~ ...if only I could photograph the pantry's bounty as beautifully as you do!

  3. '....logging frequent flier miles to get here'

    LOL, funny lady.

    PS. I think you should do a guest post for the Fisher House blog---your choice of topic?

  4. Great photos! Sprintime inside, even though it's still winter outside!

  5. Down East Dilettante ~ I would love love love to do a photo shoot of FH in the dead of winter...inside, when all is quiet & focus on some of the house details...with your expert guidance (on a day with good light), of course...then follow it up when the house is open. What do you think? I did send you some exterior photos from last year..I still have those on file.

    FancyHorse ~ Thank you very much! We are craving color up here in the frosty north!

  6. Yes we ARE craving color up here in New England ! I second that !

    But it is a great time for indoor still-life arrangements like yours.. and natural light coming through our New England windows in winter is clear and often soft.

    Your arrangements and shots are beautiful.Maybe we will see you create a series for us as we wait for spring... (still so far away right now !)

    You have such a wonderful and sensitive artistic eye.

  7. Dear Stephanie, Your comment is appreciated more than I can say! While we are craving light, you are creatively dishing up comfort with your daily photography project of items in your kitchen, nor are they simply items! You serve them up with colors, reflections, interesting angles and sprinkle it all with the kind of style that can only come from "Simply an Artist" !!!


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