Monday, January 4, 2010


I took this photo, in January 2009, of a little bunch of posies in my kitchen window. It was cold and snowy outside, very much like it is today. I posted it to Flickr and it is in my set "Our Haunted House" and the title is "Happy". Oh yes, our house is haunted, at least that is the conventional wisdom in town and a few family members have heard the voices of women up on the third floor. Once, I thought I felt someone brush against my arm while I was up there doing a few chores, but I really couldn't say for sure.

This morning began like most mornings do until I noticed I had lost the diamond in my engagement ring. I am the third woman to wear the ring in my husband's family, so the sight of the empty prongs was horrifying. We searched through bed linen, ran our hands over carpets, peered in sinks and in pockets. I don't think there was any place we did not look. At some point I remembered our elderly shih tzu had not had her thyroid meds so I plopped her on the kitchen table for her morning dose. Light was streaming through the window shining on an old wooden chair...and there was my diamond on the edge of the seat. How odd to find it there! Coincidence, luck or my unseen friends? 

I am sooooo happy!


  1. I am so glad you found that diamond !
    I vote for unseen friends.
    We lived in an antique house in Massachusetts near the ocean once that was haunted--or at least we think so.
    We should exchange stories sometime.
    The house was wonderful and full of atmosphere as your house no doubt is.
    I ended up being relieved in some ways to sell it-- It got a little TOO interesting there after a while.

  2. Stephanie, I'm certain my unseen friends had a hand in this! I noticed I had lost the diamond immediately when I woke up...which is why I thought it was in our bed somewhere....I'd had a late Flickr night and I'm sure I would have noticed the scratchy horrible prongs while on the computer! Wouldn't I???

    I hope your move has gone smoothly...I think your energy is boundless with a December trip to Virginia, Christmas, blog and settling into a new community.

    Oh yes! I would love to exchange stories!


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