Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sepia and Antique Tones: Eliminating distractions to see the details.

I adore everything about the Christmas season. The days are rich and full with preparation and anticipation and this year I had my whole family gathered together...albeit after some airport and weather related angst. The house is very quiet now; I have wrapped the 'color' in tissue paper and stored it away under the attic eaves. I can see the rooms more clearly. Cherished objects regain their importance as shapes and the space around them no longer compete with the greens and reds and golds of the Holiday.

In photography, the infinite range of subtle to vivid color is very important to me, but sometimes when I pare down images, light, shapes and shadows speak for themselves.


  1. Such beautifully understated & eloquent images, all of them... I love your insights on the process of both seasonal shifts and pared-down images.
    I also enjoy the sudden simplicity of the post-holiday period.It creates a nice breathing space in the year and I love the quiet.

  2. Stephanie, your feedback is so valuable, thank you very much! And I agree, this is a welcome and peaceful time of year.

    P ~ Thank you xo


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