Friday, September 21, 2012

Monarch Migration

Monarch Migration 04

As summer ends we keep a careful vigil for the Monarch butterflies. Somehow their arrival signifies health and balance in our cove. The migration begins with the sight of a fluttering scrap of orange, often seen in contrast with a brilliant blue sky. if we are lucky, the butterflies will fill the air, alighting on flowers in our garden and on wildflowers everywhere. These shots were taken a few weeks ago of Monarchs attracted to wild mint growing at the end of our road. I noticed several of the brave little creatures are already showing the wear and tear of the long journey south.

Monarch Migration 03

Monarch Migration 02

Monarch Migration 01

We took the boats out of the water several days ago, but before we did, we made one last visit to our favorite small island. There, in that beautiful solitude, I found the distinctive Orange Monarch butterflies you see below.

Monarch Migration 06

Monarch Migration 05


  1. Hello Carol:
    The life story of the Monarch Butterfly is, without doubt, a miracle of the Natural World. Their transformation from chrysalis to butterfly and their long migration to warmer climes is surely inspirational. And, how marvellous that you get to see these magnificent creatures as they make their journey. The colourings are fantastic and to see them en masse against a brilliant blue sky must be breathtaking.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance ~ Beautifully said and no doubt why the Monarch butterflies are beloved by so many. There was a day, many years ago, long before I was enthusiastic about photography, when Peter and I were out on the boat. Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by thousands of Monarchs. To see so many offshore was unforgettable. No camera could have done justice to the moment.


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