Wednesday, September 19, 2012


In the beginning of August feathery glints of bright yellow appear along roadside and shoreline. Soon after, the touches of color swell to undulating waves of golden plumage. The wind shifts, bringing crisp Canadian air that sweeps away summer's pollution from south and west. With this change, the goldenrod is in constant motion, swaying in a gentle dance by the water.

Goldenrod 03

Goldenrod 02

Goldenrod 01

Goldenrod in bloom heralds the end of our all too short summer. The conventional wisdom is its appearance means six weeks til frost. Today the air is fresh and clear, the sun warm on my back, although we have been warned the temperature will dip precipitously tonight. Tomorrow we may have frost...


  1. Hello Carol:
    Golden rod abounds in the wild throughout Hungary but here it flowers somewhat earlier and we associate in our minds more with high summer, August, than with the turning of the year.

    How strange that already with you frost is nigh! Certainly the days for us are cooler but still pleasantly warm.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance ~ Isn't it interesting the Goldenrod signifies something so different for us! This is a beautiful time of the year in Maine, but we have long since put away our summer clothes and a brightly burning fire in the fireplace in the evenings is very welcome.


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