Sunday, August 29, 2010


Birthday by the sea, Mere Point, Maine.

The kiss in the sky. Spruce Head, Maine.

Summer: fast forward...August, the busiest time of year in Maine. The last opportunity for small businesses to succeed. Make or break August. It is, typically, the best weather all year. Friends and family arrive in earnest to savor, once again, the rocky coast, the islands, the scent of pine and the music of boats on their moorings. August; with its weddings and birthdays and arrivals and departures. Will there be fog to delay a flight? Was the traffic backed up in New Jersey or Connecticut? Eyes on the clock, August ticking away until a car door slamming shut signals a safe homecoming. That sound of car tires on a dirt road, one visit after another, is one of relief and joy. It is a celebration every time.

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  1. Dilettante ~ Are you feeling better? I hope so!!!

  2. Such an honor & privilege to have people who want to visit you.

  3. Barbara, so true and beautifully said.

  4. It is as it should be - the love of friends. May you, now winter is walking south, have many a memory of this summer and, perhaps, a visitor still.

  5. Blue ~ We are holding our breath for the next arrival and hoping "Earl" will not play havoc here on the coast. I wish you safe sailing down south!


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