Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Games on tiny little discs the size of quarters! Note the silly bandz!

The conventional wisdom is that you should write what you know, so I will offer a disclaimer, right now. I had never seen a PSP, or Playstation Portable, until my young friend, Ben, proudly introduced me to his and asked me to write about it. It started with a discussion on blogging and my Silly Bandz post and the curious notion of writing and publishing anything and everything online. Heady stuff for a ten year old boy....grownups too, for that matter.

Ben, all bone and muscle with a burr haircut I can't resist ruffling when he streaks past on his boyhood missions. There is only one speed; streak. He can get more mileage on a peanut butter sandwich with the crusts cut off than anyone I know! This complicated little soul who raids my refrigerator for feta and fruitpops stole my heart a long time ago. Oh right! The PSP! Here is a list of questions from Ben I was supposed to ask, but didn't before the summer's day moved on at warp speed, Ben's speed.

1. "What does the PSP do?"
2. "Can you buy movies?"
3. "Does it have internet?"
4. "Can you download movies?"
5. "Can the PSP type?"

So, in the end I googled! Imagine a ten year old with that much media in his pocket in a device smaller than a pack of cards!

Btw, Ben, thanks for sending me that awesome ringtone for my cellphone!

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  1. I can imagine, these little techies invade my house and my refrigerator daily.

  2. haha----it seems like just yesterday that you didn't even do email---I remember having to send things to you that old fashioned way---by post with a stamp----and now look at you! Je suis impressed!

  3. Hmm, nope, I've never seen one of those before, either!

  4. Barbara ~ Bigger, faster and smarter...sometimes I have remind myself they are kids!

    Dilettante ~ Haha! So true! What an effort trying to catch up with the rest of the world. I still have a love affair with stamps, though...and handwritten addresses on thick creamy envelopes (and if I'm bad, JCB is even worse!)

    Rachel ~ As we say..."you have other fish to fry!" :D


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