Thursday, September 23, 2010

Night Lights

There are nights when sleep eludes me and I am drawn to the lamp light like a moth. The dark walls of the cottage glow and the reflections remind me of the fireflies I used to catch as a child. Those little flashes of light trapped in a glass jar with holes in the lid that I watched until my eyes grew heavy.

Today's link from "You Must Remember This."

As a post script...Something had an encounter with a skunk outside our bedroom window. Incredibly, I slept through it, but Peter and the dog had a restless night!


  1. Love the shadows of the living plants.

  2. Love golden pools of light, and like that moth I am drawn to gold/brass-lined lampshades. In my suburban garden I am now at war with moles/voles/gophers? Not sure. Have had skunks, snakes, deer, raccoons, possums and foxes. Kinda' like getting a get a way into the wild without having to drive. I think this drama could be called: Appalled and the Night Visitors. Hope your dog is ok!

  3. home before dark, you have inspired my next post!


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