Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Message in a bottle ~ "Sincerely, Jill"

Waning summer, it is a picture perfect September day. Yellow/brown goldenrod in the dense brush dot the shoreline with pops of color from ripening rose hips. There is a brisk breeze and surf crashes on the rocks. Three of us have cameras and I think there is such a thing as too much focus because it is the fourth in our party who finds the sealed bottle lying on the stony beach. Inside are waterlogged jigsaw puzzle pieces which are carefully pried apart and fitted together. The message is from Jill, but the bottle's origin is undecipherable even though much of the day is spent drying and separating the pieces in an effort to unlock Jill's message. A message delivered by wind and water. Was there ever an email, text or tweet with so much charm?


  1. Barbara, there's no other word for it!

  2. This was an interesting twist to a wonderful day! How often do you come across a message in a bottle?

  3. Lil' Bro, I remember the kids sending a message, but this was the first we have ever received...and particularly special because you were with us!

  4. what a fun find! were you ever able to make out what the note said?!


  5. Hello Joan! Jill wanted the finder to contact her, but the address had mostly worn off the saturated puzzle pieces. We are still trying to restore them.

    I hope you had a wonderful summer and are not getting too soaked by the storm heading up the coast!


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