Thursday, September 2, 2010

Calm Before the Storm

Heat haze on Casco Bay.

Osprey nest on the dock. Upper Goose Island, Casco Bay, Maine.

The coolest place in Maine today was out on the water. We aren't used to ninety plus degree temperatures in Maine, especially in September! Some schools canceled classes yesterday and today because of the unusual heat, very likely a first in a state that usually keeps students home after snow storms!

Earl has been downgraded to a tropical storm for coastal areas, but we are stocking up on water and batteries for likely power outages. Right now, it is still and hot. A few of the boats have been hauled as a precaution...and we wait in this strange interlude.

Today's link from "You Must Remember This."


  1. Those osprey don't seem too concerned about privacy issues. Beautiful link!

  2. Barbara ~ Haha, you must have read Rachel's post! She is quite a gal!

    That old nest has been perched on the dock on Upper Goose for years and is still inhabited. I have some photos (not yet posted) with a fledgling in the nest.


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