Thursday, April 26, 2012

Remnants of an Old Farm

Remains of an Old Farm 01

The old fields are outlined by stone walls all along the paths. The land is now enjoyed by hikers, dog walkers and children in what has become a vast park in southern Connecticut. In the beginning, it must have been backbreaking work to clear the land of wood and rock, to plant and harvest...and build the walls. The farmers had an eye for shape, they knew how to fit the rock together so the walls would last.


Remains of an Old Farm 02

The old fields are gone, covered with new growth wood. The trees are still small enough to allow dappled sunlight to filter through spring's pale green haze.. In the afternoon long shadows stretch across the leaves that crunch beneath our feet.

Remains of an Old Farm 03


It is unseasonably warm the day we visit. This sensible dog takes a quick dip in an ice cold creek and vigorously shakes himself off.

Crossing the Creek

I watched the young boys do what they have always done, running through the woods, occasionally stopping to ponder a small discovery. Eventually they egged one another on over the slippery stones in the creek.

A Boy and a Creek 02

This child has utterly captured my heart...just as his father did not so many years ago. It is my son's birthday today. Father and son look almost identical at the same age.


  1. Hello Carol:
    You have completely captured the magic of this place in these wonderful images and your deliberate, or so we suspect, use of black and white adds a quality all of its own. What a wonderful place in which to wander.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance ~ Thank you, I'm so glad you were able to experience this lovely place from the descriptions and images. It's true, black and white has an atmosphere all its own. I tried a few shots in color, but they felt all wrong and quickly set the camera for monochrome.

  2. It is the mystery of the old stone walls that I find intriguing...
    Sure hope the birthday boy has a wonderful day.

    1. Hello Susan ~ Welcome to smilla4blogs and thank you for stopping by!

      I agree, there is a mysterious feeling about those old stone walls. I always wonder about the people who made them and if they would be pleased the stones are still in place. Would they be happy that they are still appreciated today? I'm certain they would be startled by the joggers, dog walkers and other assorted characters who enjoy the farmland today!


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