Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bride with Pearls and a Fuchsia Bouquet


The directions were a bit vague so we arrived early with our friends to City Chambers in Parliament Square. This is where we expected to greet Yann and Kristina for the civil ceremony that preceded the wedding at Fettes College the next day. St. Giles is opposite the chambers so everyone decided to pop in for a look. I was about to follow when I saw the couple.


The color of the claret jacket and the bride's bouquet caught my eye as the young people joyously exited the chambers with two or three friends. All newlyweds look happy, but this small party was triumphant, whooping and pirouetting across the old stones in the square. They seemed a fragment of a vision from a long time ago...he in velvet and his bride's pearl encrusted collar and pins in her russet hair. I asked if I might photograph the couple and they enthusiastically posed, delighted to have the moment captured on camera. I never got their names because at that moment our friends emerged from St. Giles, momentarily distracting me from the young man and woman. When I turned to look back, there was no sign of them anywhere.





I hope this sole record will find them, the bride and groom married just a little past noon at City Chambers, 9 March, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland. Perhaps it will...with helpful tweets across the super highway of the internet. Maybe I was meant to be there, just then, with my camera.



  1. Lovely couple, and they look happy together. Great captures!

    1. de engineur ~ Thank you! It was wonderful to be there, just moments after they were married.

  2. Destiny, I say. I'm betting you'll have an answer very soon! Adorable couple. Love is always in technicolor.

    1. home before dark ~ I hope you are right, I would dearly love for this young couple to see these photos!

  3. I have a feeling that these beautiful photographs will eventually get to the happy couple!

  4. some spectacular photographs, my favorites are the 2 verticals. keep tweeting them, surely they will connect to the right bird. pgt


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