Friday, June 25, 2010

Crow ~ Random Memory #16 ~ Iran

Random Memory #16 ~ Iran

We have flown from New York to Tehran's Mehr Abad Airport. It has been a long and difficult trip for the children who are completely unprepared for the scene about to greet them. They are so little, what could I tell them? There is complete chaos when we enter the arrival hall. Whole families are present to welcome returning relatives and they surge toward us as I try to grasp the children's hands and our various pieces of carry-on bags. Hundreds of black veiled women seize John so they can touch his white blond hair. He is smothered with kisses and his cheeks are burning from pinches that are none too gentle. No one gives my lovely blue eyed, dark haired daughter a second glance.

John screams, "Mommy, make them stop, make them stop, make them stop!"


  1. Boys, always treasured boys. Oh well...

  2. Don't even get me started on this topic. In addition to my own battles, I have been shunned (for three years now) for a highly intelligent (academic for the wife) Jewish couple who did not like my suggestion that their brilliant, wonderful, funny, artistic daughter needed to be viewed as equally special as her brother (a photographic memory but a bit of a bully—ok, more than a bit). It was my last stand on this topic. What makes me the most sad about all of this is that the daughter, whom I adored, has joined in, and by doing that has accepted that her place will always be second, if that, in that family's life. I am, however, curious about how this family story will play out.

  3. Barbara & Patricia, I read your comments with gratitude because what I most want to illustrate with my "Random Memories" are the similarities we all share. We are quick to judge other cultures, but a closer look at home would reveal similar situations, like Patricia's story. I hope your young friend will realize her potential and worth and I'm glad you are in her corner even if she can't accept it now.


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