Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pixel Envy and Some Humble Camera phone Shots

When choosing equipment, it is very easy to get caught up in camera reviews and consequently swept away in the ever higher pixel arms race. I'm not saying those pixels don't help, they do! But I am also very attached to some of my early 2 pixel camera phone photos.

Boat shoes on a Maine rock
Boat shoes on a Maine rock. Mere point, Brunswick, Maine.

Smilla's buddy
Shiner Bock

Gone. Blue Hill, Maine
An abandoned house in Blue Hill, Maine that has since been renovated. While it is a good thing the old house has been refurbished, it has lost its photographic appeal.

Ellsworth Christmas parade
A personal favorite taken after the Ellsworth, Maine Christmas parade. Part of a snowman costume worn by one of the Union Trust Company employees.

Ellsworth Christmas parade
The Ellsworth, Maine Christmas parade. I love this shot, it looks like it could have been taken a 100 years ago!


  1. The last shot is really lovely. It does look like a place out of time.

  2. What a blessedly cooling photograph that snow scene is, especially on a day when the temperature hit the mid 90s here. I have a particular passion for snow scenes despite having read somewhere that in dreams snow does not have positive meanings. Nonetheless, I love a good snowy landscape.

  3. Barbara ~ Thank you! I remember the day well and the blizzard conditions that effectively hid any information from modern life. I worried about my phone getting wet!

    Blue ~ I wish I could send you a little of our 'summer' weather as I sit bundled up in a thick sweater! I read in Smilla's Sense of Snow" the Inuit have hundreds of words for snow...I'm sure some of them have positive connotations (although there are moments when I can't think of any!)


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