Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aspects of Cottage Life ~ and a bowl of cherries!

"Dong!" Flies as big as bats slam into the screen. I know there is a dead mouse somewhere. The fog and humidity are so so thick that swollen drawers won't open. The sponge smells funny so I toss it in the microwave, but set the timer too long. I long for wide open windows and a brisk breeze blowing scents of pine and rugosa through the cottage. My grandmother used to say it is the best way to clean.


  1. I remember those Maine flys. You might be able to harness them for some green energy.

  2. Oh, good lord, tell me this is an enlargement.

  3. Barbara ~ Haha! In concert, they could lift this old house right off its blocks!

    home before dark ~ Only slightly...:-)


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