Wednesday, June 9, 2010

At home...

I don't usually mind days in Maine when the weather closes in and surrounds us with damp and fog. Retreating indoors forces me to open my eyes to the spaces I inhabit. Sometimes I think I really should reorganize my closet, pantry or the junk drawer(s). Is it really a sign of a lack of self esteem if you use wire hangers from the cleaners in your closet? Usually I just grab my camera and look for the light. It's never where I left it.


  1. Having passed the buoy marker of 60, I say go for the light. The junk drawer(s) (love the plural) will always be there. The light as you say, is not so compliant, much more mercurial and so much more enchanting.

    p.s. Love the gleam of light and shadows upon the burnished floors.

  2. Well, each one makes me feel at home. Love the random wood of the floors. Just right.

  3. home before dark ~ After 60 my priorities changed...for the better, I think. Thanks so much for your comment on the light, I'll keep chasing sunbeams!

    Barbara ~ I'm so happy the images made you feel that way...and you are welcome anytime!


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