Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beeline ~ and other shenanigans

We recently had a solid twenty-four hours of rain which was wonderful for our thirsty garden and well. Absorbed in a cozy reading day, we were startled to suddenly see bright sunshine pouring through the cottage windows. It took just seconds to grab my camera and make a beeline outdoors to photograph a jubilant macro world.


  1. Now that is an amazing series. I wish I were an artist, but I am not. I am only grateful that I have been given an eye to see the art of others.

  2. I love to watch bees quiver as they single mindedly do their jobs in their splendid little uniforms. Myron Bigger the man who cultivated the peony 'Kansas' (hailed by many as the best single red) said he didn't waste time hybridizing peonies (several other of his "finds" won national awards) because he let the bees to do it. He always ended his story with a twinkle in his eyes and the phrase, "...because they are better at it." Love the "in flight" pic. You almost stopped the motion of the wings. Quite a little trick!

  3. Barbara, thank you very much! I do, however, think you are a very talented artist!

    home before dark ~ Thank you for the Myron Bigger anecdote. Single red peonies have always been one of my favorites (although I love them all!) I wish we could grow them in our thick clay coastal 'soil'...peonies thrive in other parts of Maine.

    It's always a little crazy attempting macros without a thank you!


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