Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I am blessed to have four wonderful men in my life; my father, my husband, a brother and a son...all fathers. They all possess the kind of humor that has smoothed over the ruts in the road of my long relationship with them. Some thoughts in no particular order...

One is quick to anger, but forgives instantly. Another has endless patience. Two have given their hearts to children they did not father, but in doing so, became fathers. They all work hard. They have all traveled and understand the world's complexity. None of of them feel threatened by intelligent and successful women. Two of them ran companies, one started his own business and two of them pursue careers doing the kind of things they were passionate about as children. Another found his life's work outside his career and will leave an incredible legacy to the family. One is genuinely a morning person and cheerfully greets the day in good humor...the others by necessity. Two are engineers, two are writers. All four have good organizational skills, although their styles are radically different. Two of them love expensive cars and two could care less as long as the car is safe and runs reliably. One has some fashion sense and all four look great. Two love to fish and two are just happy to be in a fast boat. Two live for literature and the other two are 'rtfm-ers' and read airport books. Two were college athletes and two found offbeat sports and were good at them. Three of them love dogs. Two are gifted at punning and the other two aren't bad. All four are good cooks. Only one actually enjoys working in the garden. Two have weathered a life threatening illness of a spouse and have remained steadfast and loving. All four have smiles that melt my heart.

You know who you are and I love you. Happy Father's Day.


  1. Happy Father's Day to you, dear one. You are such a good Daddy! xoxo

  2. A loving tribute and quite a bouquet of talents and ways of being among your world of men. Admit I had to look up rtfm. Suspect this must be the engineers? (While in college it seemed all I dated was engineers, and this was when the slide rule ruled.) While I tease my husband (English/philosophy, basketball playing lawyer) about the burden of carrying around that big Y chromosome, I have come to love and adore that men really ARE different. And somewhere I hear the choir saying, "Amen!" Happy day your way.

  3. Surrounded by puzzling but wonderful men, I truly appreciate your posting.

  4. Thanks Sis! (I'm pretty sure I'm not the one with fashion sense...)

  5. home before dark ~ I and the men in my life loved your comment! I hope the fellow "with the big Y chromosome" had a wonderful day on Sunday!

    Barbara~ They are, indeed, puzzling...and thank you!

    Lil' Bro ~ You are welcome xo....and no :-(


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