Saturday, June 5, 2010

Raw Faith

Photo taken Feb. 21, 2009. The ghostly Raw Faith languishes in Rockland Harbor waiting to be deemed seaworthy. She was cobbled together with old parts and dreams and designed to be sailed by families with disabled children.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out our window and saw the Raw Faith sailing out of the fog into our bay! As I watched her slow progress, I hoped they had a chart on board because the water is very shallow. I couldn't help but wonder if another rescue was in their future.

A day later, Raw Faith was still anchored in the bay. She hadn't run aground, but fog, thick as gray felt had moved in to obliterate all points of reference. Since the weather was so dreary, we decided to retreat to thicker walls at home so I don't know how long she stayed.


  1. Simply the perfect name for a boat & for much else.

  2. Barbara, it's an interesting story with equal parts hope, dreams...and some would say folly. I hope they succeed!

  3. Blind faith, raw faith always carries a touch of risk.


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