Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

My uncle's plane was lost in "adverse weather conditions" over the Irish Sea, September 14, 1944. Nine months later, two boxes were delivered to his young widow in Texas. The contents are listed below.

33 pr socks
20 handkerchiefs
18 drawers
2 drawers, winter
3 pajamas
1 sweater, white
1 hood, Red Cross
1 pr gloves, woolen
1 pr swim trunks
5 towels
1 wash cloth
2 T-shirts
1 Cap, garrison w/bar (1st Lt.)
1 Short coat
1 Blouse
1 Battle jacket
1 Shirt, pink
2 Shirts, green
2 Trousers, green
1 Trousers, pink
1 Field jacket
1 Shirt, O.D.
1 Trousers, O.D.
1 Bath robe
1 Cap, service
3 shirts, poplin
6 Neckties
1 pr Leggings
1 pr Shoes G.I.
1 pr Tennis shoes
1 pr bathroom slippers
1 pr house slippers
3 pr Shoes, low-quarter
1 Brief case, containing orders, etc.
1 pkg. Parcel Post (cont. 2 pkgs.)
1 Small picture frame, leather
1 pipe, smoking
1 small box containing: tobacco pouch, New Testament, comb, check book, Air Medal ribbon
3 belts
1 wallet
1 leather folder
1 shoe box containing letters
1 Leather shave kit
1 Leather picture frame
1 Stationery portfolio
1 leather fingernail & mirror set
1 leather fingernail set
1 small box stationery
1 First-aid travel kit
1 pr Apollo single grip garters
1 Eversharp fountain pen


  1. The small box touches my heart.

  2. Thank you Barbara, as it did mine.

  3. This is so poignant. I thought several times today and while writing a Memorial post something like what is left for all the loved ones through all the wars that survived. It is such a resounding story and effecting so many people-and the stories that radiate from it, wives, children, and the stories that occur today-just as the Down East Dilettante wrote about today. pgt

  4. That list says it all far better than any words one can write.

    As the song goes...'when will we ever learn?'

  5. pgt ~ You are death, one box opened by a heartbroken widow and the ripples are still being felt in our family...and beyond. He'd be in his 90s now.

    Dilettante ~ I don't know...always such a sad song.


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