Sunday, May 16, 2010

Share the Road ~ It's Spring, the bikers are out!

Orland, Maine

In sync in Searsport, Maine.

Belfast, Maine

Most photographers have lurker tendencies and I'm no exception. I love candid shots of people engaged in various activities, with a flicker of an unguarded expression, or a slouch in posture that reveals the mood of a person. I think observing strangers brings us together in our humanity.

I'm fond of photographing bikers...I've never seen a dull one. Have you?


  1. I went to Daytona's Biker week and had a blast photographing the bikers. They are fun!

  2. annie ~ Wow! What a photo op destination!!!

  3. I am a lurker too, but not an artist, not a photographer. But looking at people & looking at photos surely helps us understand our shared humanity. Thank you.

  4. Yup they are out in force in Minnesota too. You're right! I love watching the "Harley bikers". They are always so interesting. I was at the stoplight last week and a gal on a motercycle stopped beside me. Her bike was a tiny Honda, she had on high heels, a fitted leather jacket, and a pink Garnedia tied to her handle bars. She looked awesome. At that moment I wanted to be HER! :)

  5. BWS ~ Not an artist???! If only I could could gather the threads of so many lovely images and ideas and present them all in an expressive digital setting the way you do. That is artistic! Thank you!

    FranticMommy ~ Your comment really made me think about the way we yearn for that sudden burst of freedom when we see the bikers on the road (and a gardenia on the handlebar is pretty fabulous!) I also know I'd be the first to fall off!

    Thanks for stopping by with such a great comment!

  6. some great shots, especially biker 2, very noble fellow. and Happy birthday! pgt

  7. pgt ~ Thank you for stopping by with a comment and birthday wishes! Biker #2 is my favorite too!


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