Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Sign of Spring

Ellsworth, Maine

I always look forward to the picturesque nets in the Union River, Ellsworth, Maine. The graceful draping with its blue weathered floats along the shore is a reminder spring is here...even though the weather is gray and raw. I've never sampled their bounty; glass eels for export to Japan. I wonder if they are similar to the sliced jellyfish 'noodles' I enjoyed, not so long ago, at a Thai wedding?


  1. These photos are beautiful, but I am so touched by your mother memories. We have 3 little grandchildren over in Old Town Alexandria just now, & I can see them as your write.

  2. BWS ~ Thank you very much! The details of our stories may be different, but the experience of being a mother...and grandmother bind us all together. I have three grandchildren too, although they are not so little anymore!


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