Friday, May 7, 2010

Light Through Glass

One of many etched glasses I have at the cottage, a collection JCB has aided and abetted!

Shooting through old cottage windows and a glass photo frame. My grandmother is the little girl on the left.

A prism hanging in a cottage window.

A snowy view through my front door, taken Feb. 25, 2009.

I love glass, and as a result of my crow-like tendencies, have far too much of it. So versatile from its transformation from liquid to solid; I never tire of the infinite shapes of glass objects! Refracted light, distorted scenes, a mosaic of views and water condensation on surfaces are just a few of the things that I find enchanting about the medium. So durable, glass survives centuries and simply becomes smaller when shattered... pieces that glitter like diamonds.


  1. JCB inherited her artist gene from you. Nothing I like more than aiding & abetting a collection.

  2. Absolutely stunning compositions. I always love to see a different angle on the world, and these glass shots are great examples :)

  3. Beautifully put - light through glass, uplifting, kindling, morning light.

  4. BWS ~ Thank you! A collector with her obsessions can always use an abettor with a critical eye!

    Rachel ~ A lovely comment from a wonderful photographer and fellow flickrite!

    Blue ~ It's not often I find lovely haiku in my comment box...

  5. Beautiful in its reflection. An exquisite essay. We have beveled glass in our west-facing front door. Last year, the day after Thanskgiving we had a lunch of leftovers and took our wine in its crystal glasses into our living room and sat and talked and realized we had spent the afternoon watching the prism light from the front door make its path around the room with the setting of the sun. It was a lovely way to welcome a new season. (Who knew there would be so much of it? I think a new tradition has been born. Eager to see what JCB chooses for her own new patterns/passions with glass and china. How fun for you to aid and abet that one.

  6. home before dark ~ Your comment is lovely, thank you. I love your idea of a traditional and contemplative post Thanksgiving gathering with wine and leftovers. Marking the course of prism reflections over the course of an afternoon has a zen-like appeal and seems very much in the spirit of the holiday!

    It is so frustrating to live so far away from JCB at this exciting time in her life, but thank heavens for the internet! For years, I have been storing a beautiful set of her great grandmother's Haviland china...I should unwrap a piece to photograph!

  7. Sis, the photography here is beautiful. The wine glass at the cottage is particularly good. "Crow-like" tendencies? I didn't know!

  8. flgranv ~ You signed up! Thank you for doing that and for your comment! Absolutely crow-like tendencies...a hopeless addiction of stuff I don't need!


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