Friday, March 11, 2011

When the Tourists are Gone

Picturesque window decorated with lobster buoys in Stonington, Maine.

The snow melts quickly on the steep roofs in Stonington. I love the geometric shapes of the houses against the dazzling winter sun.

Lobster pound in Stonington, Maine

Winter is my favorite time to visit Stonington, long after the tourists have left. I love its busy shoreline with traditional fishing activity and the dwindling number of boats that head out to frigid open water in winter. It's hard to imagine working in those conditions, even on land the wind whips and burns your skin. My fingers are numb and it is difficult to adjust the settings on my camera.

Houses are perched on a steep hill above a main street lined with galleries, restaurants and a few shops. Most are closed except for the homey Harborside cafe where we always go for traditional fish chowder.

A cheery table at the Harborside Cafe with a view of fishing boats through the window.

I am not a fan of cream pies (a Maine staple!) but this version with blueberries was worth a bite (see "tuck up" in the previous post!)

Neatly stacked lobster traps and a fishing boat quietly waiting for spring. You can view more Stonington scenes here.


  1. Gives me a chill, but it is surely beautiful.

  2. lovely post, Carol! I am so fond of your little part of Maine. And Stonington at the tip of things--you have captured it so well!

  3. Barbara ~ It really was cold the day we drove down there...all the more dramatic when you think of the fishermen at work. It is a spectacular part of Maine.

    Mike ~ Thank you very much! It's interesting how much the Maine coast changes with just a 100 miles between us!


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