Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Key West to Lubec

The zero Mile marker and the end of route 1 in Key West, Florida. At the very end of the key there is a sign with the information that Cuba is 40 miles away. Photo taken in January, 2010. Having gotten that far, we were determined to make it to Lubec the same year!

West Quoddy Lighthouse

The beautiful scenery and distinctive lighthouse in Lubec, Maine is just over a two hour drive from home. It is the furthest point east in the United States. From Lubec, one can take the bridge to Campobello Island, an adventure we will have to save for summer when the historic site is open.

West Quoddy Lighthouse State Park 04

We chose a bright and windy November day for our first excursion all the way Down East to complete our span from one end of the country to the other. The lighthouse cast a dramatic shadow in the noon day sun and, further beyond, the trail to the beach was slick with a thin film of ice from an earlier storm. After a tricky descent, we picked our way along the shore with care, teetering on large rocks smooth as eggs.

Lubec, Maine 02

A stunning vista and dead low tide revealing golden marsh grass and an expanse of mud flats.

Bridge to Campobello
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge

The bridge to Campobello viewed from the small town of Lubec. Shot taken late in the afternoon (after the best lobster stew I have ever had!)

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  1. So it turns out that Cuba is the closest I've been to Florida. Who knew? :)

  2. Rachel ~ Close to Florida, but a world away!

  3. How wonderful is Rachel Cotterill's comment?

    And equally how wonderful are your photos of the astonishing spartan beauty of Eastport, birthplace of one of my grandmothers?

    Your camera gives hope. I'd forgotten there was a sunny day up here last November.

  4. Dilettante ~ :D and thank you! Your grandmother grew up in a wild and beautiful part of the world!

    Wasn't it weird to hear rain last night after all the silent snow for so long!

  5. From one end to the other. Beautiful!

  6. Janet ~ Thank you! Would love to go to Lubec with you & the gentleman...although you would have to pass on the lobster stew!


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