Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"We Like to See Some Tuck-up"

Update for friends of Cooper!


No doubt about it, this has been a hard winter in Maine for waistlines, even for little dachshunds...and there is still a lot of snow outside!



Cooper had his wellness vet visit today and he is in fine shape, but...(Greg added) "we like to see some tuck-up." On the plus side, the path up the mountain is melting and out door exercise will soon be a part of Cooper's routine. A brisk walk, however, is not in the works as his hound dog nose is on overdrive investigating every heady bouquet on the trail. The bad news? A little less kibble in Cooper's our future too!


All up to date with shots, blood test for heartworm, newly vaccinated for Lyme disease and a pedi...he was very well behaved. We had to give him a treat when we got home!


  1. Most delicious. Cooper I'm right there with you fella'. Winter is a blankie burrito and anything that falls on the floor. My mother had a very interesting idea about the physics of eating. Anything she ate off of anyone else's plate did not count. Had no weight. Could not hurt. I'm a practical girl. As a Libra I believe in symmetry. Such as two pieces of kibble; not one. Just to balance out the hips you know what I'm saying?

    ps I'm glad you wowed 'em and I say tuck off!

  2. I know exactly what the vet meant about seeing some tuck-up - I need it myself. Luckily, and you're probably sick of hearing this, Spring is here with its wonderful walking days and walking is something I'm trying to do more of. Spring break mornings mean a 1.4 mile walk to breakfast and the same back home. I love walking and I have to say I think I'm noticing a little tuck-up - I think!

  3. home before dark ~ I wholeheartedly admire your mother's strategy and I like the symmetry thing..except, possibly, how it might apply front to back. Cooper is a bright little dog with elementary math skills. He knows there are two plates on the dinner table each night and will not "tuck off" until he's had them!

    Oh Blue, I am so envious of your spring because we are not even close (happy to say the driveway has finally melted and is no longer a skating rink!) Mainers, as a whole, are not known for tuck up...I congratulate you on yours!

    Like you, I love walking and having a camera in hand makes it even more pleasurable. Sometimes I think I see so much more through a lens than without one.

  4. Your driveway has melted? A mere mile away, the walk from car to kitchen door is still fraught with danger.

    As for the tuck up--no bathing suits for me this summer.

  5. Dilettante ~ Our driveway was suicidal until the recent rain. As for tuck up? I'm going with home before dark's "tuck off!" Cooper is not amused by his new diet :-(


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