Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inside the Cereal Box

Mr. 7's "Good Angel"

Hello from Connecticut and a house with children and dachshunds! I am working with a small notebook and cameraphone while Peter and I care for our grandchildren. Limited opportunities for photography and a (very!) small arsenal of tools are providing an interesting challenge for creativity! The subject of the above photo is a prize from a cereal box and considered a real treasure by my young grandson. I photographed the little toy to surprise him with my cameraphone and processed the picture on my phone, tilting and swirling the image to give it a sense of motion before uploading to Flickr. The fruit bowl on the breakfast table provided the rich blue background.


  1. wow-I love this piece of artwork! What you can do with a camera,my goodness! Have fun with the kidds!!

  2. my goodness!!!!!! you made a fantastic work of art here!!!!!

  3. You shame me! After a career in PR/fundraising where I often had to do my own photography...I have yet to enter the Digital Epoch. I know, I know, I know. Agree you made art out of not much at all...which always steals my heart. Hope Cooper is holding is own, and the tucking up is working out.

  4. Rain ~ Many thanks for your kind comment! There are so many wonderful and fun apps for cameraphones so photos can be edited on the spot. Great for traveling!

    Linda ~ Thank you so much!

    home before dark ~ I have two sleepy dachshunds curled up beside me. They will miss each other when it's time to go home. Cooper is a remarkably resilient little guy. I'm not sure the tuck-up has been as successful, he's either heavier, or we are tireder!

    As for the digital age; I am barely holding my head above water, new goodies keep coming at me like a tidal wave!

  5. What is the ap you took that with? Can you use it on an iPhone? Its movement is fantastic! Have fun in CT. I have a feeling you are not far from where I spent my youth, a million years ago....;o)

  6. Hello Mike! I have been in Trumbull for nearly three weeks and am really missing Maine!

    I am editing with Picsay for Android...surely there must be an equivalent for iphone. Very handy while traveling with just a cameraphone and small pcnotebook. I actually had the free version first, but liked it so much I decided to buy the app.


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