Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blooming Inside #1

The sun streaming in the house creates a beautiful rose glow on my off-white walls.

I love orchids of all varieties and have tried time and again to get them to bloom in Maine, but only my sturdy phalaenopsis plants reliably give pleasure after the initial purchase. These old friends produce one bud laden spike after another and they do so year after year. I keep the plants on open shelving next to an old steam radiator in my laundry room until the buds are fully formed and almost ready to open, then they can be placed anywhere I like. The blossoms often last six to seven months before, once again, going into a long resting period of a year or more. We need patience in Maine! Indoors or out, we wait a long time for flowers to bloom.

Today's link from "You Must Remember This."


  1. so lucky to have steam heat -it's the best with all types of house plants. forced air is just so dry -it's hard to keep anything alive (including my skin)!

  2. Stefan ~ The steam heat is a real blessing since our furnace runs constantly January and February...our coldest months. We also run two humidifiers to keep our furniture from falling apart and our fingers from cracking!


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