Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winter Light Flare

Perhaps it is the combination of snow and intense cold that produces this spectacular phenomenon just moments before the sun sets...

the camera doesn't quite capture the light, but I have always liked the high key result. As usual, I am breaking all the rules shooting into the sun.

Night follows so quickly.


  1. The first photo is beautiful. Night comes a little later today.

  2. Thank you Barbara! How odd that hour should make such a difference, but it does and I already feel lighter and more energetic!

  3. We have great sunsets in Kansas, but nothing like this. It does looks like ice on fire. We're having a winter reprise...after a few days in near 70s, yup, it's snowing again. It will melt fast, but this morning the trees are covered again in white veils and the sky is gray-blue.

    ps Hope Cooper isn't too cranky on his reduced Kibble allotment. I think he has the makings of a therapy dog. Who could resist those eyes?

  4. This series is stunning... the light is so bright, white and powerful!

  5. home before dark ~ We are on the down side of winter too, although not as close to spring as you are. My "pun stealing" brother will be mowing grass while we shovel out from one last snow storm!

    Peter and I have an ongoing discussion about Cooper. He insists he can see ribs while I see rolls (the vet agreed with me!) Cooper's idea of heaven would be Denny's for breakfast, but it ain't gonna happen (unless, of course, he keeps looking at me with those eyes!)

    Maria ~ Thank you! Haha, it's almost worth living in this inhospitable climate for the light!

  6. Especially love the first photo!! I dream of moving back one day....

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